Friday, 18 February 2011

Bilakah Tangisan Berakhir

on 17th feb 2011, APSA were attend a forum called Bilakah Tangisan Berakhir during Festival Satria,, (not remember the full name of it,, ><). 4 panel were invited for this forum n two of them were Mejar Nazri (Aman Palestin) n akhi Muslim from UIA & PCOM. The presentation was very good n they discussed it in a very informative n attractive way,, congratulations.

Only this photo i managed to snap. no time??

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Flash back 2: Rehearsal at Saloma Bistro

Rehearsal have been divided into 2 sessions.. The first one was on 3rd of Feb 2011 which involved Mr Mohammad Hamdan, Miss Aishah Fauzi (both r our superb Emcee) n Dhabka Performance by Palestinian Students.

The Second session of rehearsal was held on 5th of Feb 2011 ( the same day of this launching event of Public Campaign to Protect Palestine) attended by Fitri UNIC and his team of percussionist. The rehearsal was ended after 2.30a.m (if i'm not mistaken) n after slept for 1 hour,, i rushed back to my event.. oh Ya Rabbi... :))

Today at MSU: Part Two

Today we continue our task like yesterday n hopefully more will come.. :) Come on MSUs we r here for u.

early in the morning.. preparation

big thnks to them.. husband n wife of volunteeres

Flash back 1: Launching Event of Public Campaign to Protect Palestine (PC2P)

APSA manager with the Dhabka Group from IIUM, great performance bros

Since this was done on the 5th of February.. so we considered it as a flash back things :)). In this event,, i was appointed as a program manager (its my first time to handle such a big event like this,, huhu) n Alhamdulillah everything gone well. The event was held at Saloma Bistro, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur & were attended by various types of people such as,, an Embassy of Ecuador, Kristian Society ( don't remember the exact name.. sorry bout this), celebrity, various clubs n many more.. very big thnks for all of ur support towards this campaign. the event was started with a special Dhabka Dance from my dearest brothers; Palestinian students from UIA (MashaAllah,, really happy to meet n know u guys.. jazakallah khairan khatira) & we also have been entertained by a local munsheed named Fitri (an ex-UNIC) with such great lives performances. Thnks to all of u. N i need to ask any other person to share their photos during tht event here,, as i was soooo busy n even didnt get my chance to eat the foods.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Today at MSU: Part One

Today we have been invited by Management & Science University (MSU) Shah Alam to participate in their program called Minggu Penghayatan Islam. APSA is opening a sell booth there where many products of Aman Palestin can be found here. We only will be here from 16th of Feb 2011 until this 17th of February 2011. so short of time. :)

This is the beginning...

In the name of Allah we begin, the Most Magnificent & the Most Merciful... Praise to our beloved Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H (Peace Be Upon Him). Today is the birth of this blog & hopefully it will live & long lasting inshaAllah,, & here.. Aman Palestin Shah Alam (APSA) will do the best to keep support of our beloved Palestine till the end.. InshaAllah